Real Influence: ppushu ppushu marketing

(alternate title: playground marketing)


Over the weekend, we made a family pilgrimage to a few collectable places talk with some Pokemon Card collectors to see if there was any interest in buying Jack’s collection. It is a collection that was started by my now 21 year old niece, that was then passed on to Jack and was added to significantly by purchases made overseas by my husband. And it has sat in a drawer for years now. Since Jack has his eye on fancy gaming computer equipment and a new hard core digital video camera- he asked if he could sell. Turns out (as I suspected but didn’t have the heart to tell the kid)- no one we talked to was interested. On the way home, Tucker asked ‘how did Pokemon get popular anyway?’. I did my best to explain trends, and influencers and how the world of marketing works. How something can one day be nothing, and the next be the hottest item ever. Until it saturates the market of course and returns to being nearly nothing.

He looked confused.

We stopped for lunch, and Tucker spotted an Asian market in the same center and begged we go inside to by ‘his all time FAVORITE snack’. I was absolutely boggled.  What the heck is he talking about?

“Duh-ppushu ppushu Mom!”

Um, okay kid whatever. We stopped inside and navigated our way to what appeared to be the snack aisle. He yelled in delight. Turns out ‘his all time favorite snack’ is some Japanese version of uncooked ramen noodles. And I learned, he has been trading the Ding Dongs and Doritos (yeah, I am a cool mom) I pack in his lunch for these Asian delights all school year long.

I took opportunity to try to finish the earlier conversation.

“So who started with these at school?” I asked.

“Oh some of the kids, the girls mainly. They were always bragging about how great Ppushu ppushu was to everyone. So I tried it and started trading them for it. They brought in extra too. Pretty soon everyone cool was eating it at lunch.”

“So you tried it because they told you it was good?”

“You know how it is mom, sometimes when certain people say something is good you just HAVE to try it.”

So there you have it Internet. The next time you are trying to come up with a complicated plan to utilize influencers to help push your product, or are attempting to explain the power of ground up marketing….remember the story of Ppushu Ppushu.

Influencer marketing is happening all around us our entire life.

We already know this stuff people.

Do what you know, don’t over complicate things, this really isn’t THAT hard and…

Harness the power ppushu ppushu marketing.


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