I wanna own an iron-on transfer t-shirt stand. Who is in?

Sometime in the mid 70’s the iron-on transfer was invented, and it opened up a whole new world in ‘fashion’ tees. I remember seeing small stands in the middle of our mall, that had binders of iron designs to choose from. You picked your awesome iron-on, picked your shirt color and size and voila you were now the proud owner of tee with a thick, kinda sticky chunk of art on the front. A few extra dollars and they would iron your name using fuzzy velvet letters too.


Keep on Bikin' T-ShirtI loved those t-shirt stands, because I was fascinated with the instant customization factor and also- the wack-a-do designs. What was going on in the 70’s that kids needed to walk around with “Keep on Trucking” on their shirt? Or “Keep on Bikin!!”. Was there a movement to STOP biking at some point? Why did we need to tell people to keep doing it?You Turn Me On

And there was the ‘clever’ (term used loosely) ones. Shaggy haired guys would buy the ‘You turn me on’ tee and then play innocent when their teacher told them it was against school rules. “But I just love electricity!!!” you would hear some kid saying as he was being escorted to the principals office.

I remember having several of these made. My all time favorite was “Ms. Behaving” that had a picture of a little cat with a halo over it’s head. I picked it out for the cat. I totally got the double meaning but hey I was 5 years old. Cats pretty much ruled my world then. Ironically I was the most well behaved kid in history….so I think the ‘Undercover Angel’ would have suited me better.

Well ladies and gentlemen- the iron craze is making a comeback. Not only can you buy original vintage shirts like this disturbing ‘Foxy Grandma’ from this site, but you can also buy brand new ones over here.

I am gonna be honest; I spent way too much time on those sites trying to figure out how I could work this whole ‘iron-on’ trend into my wardrobe. I imagined myself getting up to do a presentation, and removing my suit jacket to reveal a “Kiss my Bass” tee with a giant fish on it. Or maybe this beauty “Traction Action”.

It could be my ‘signature’ thing.

Don’t worry,  after a bit I came to my senses and realized I was too old to pull off this look. People would think I have been wearing them SINCE the 70’s. (sigh).

However, I have my eye on this beauty below.

Cuz I kinda have a thing for Fozzi bear.

Wocka wocka.

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