“Google Plus is a blog-killer”

No other phrase out of my big mouth  has been questioned more in the last few weeks. I said it during my BlogHer panel, during my PRNews Webinar and to anyone else who will listen from the first day G+ launched.

“Google Plus is a blog-killer.”

Since I am receiving emails asking about this declaration, and I have been answering each one at a time I felt it was time to bring my thoughts together in a post.

“But Marcy a blog is public, for the whole internet to discover.  Don’t you have to be a member of Google+ to see the content?”

NOPE. Remember this is NOT Facebook. Anyone can see what you have on Google+ as long as you have the posts marked PUBLIC. Right now, if you would like to see all of my Google+ posts that I have published as ‘public’ you can,  just by Googling my name. Don’t have time for that? Well here is what it looks like…


What do you notice? Do you see that my 4 year old blog, which has thousands and thousands of entries, comments, back-links and page views is placed only a few entries above my 2 month old Google Profile? Yup. My Google profile- which takes you to my Google Plus page is already as dominate than my blog in search results. And it includes an enticing image as well. But what does that Google + page look like anyway? (I knew you would say that) so here it is:


So let’s see…it has my name, customizable header images, followers in the sidebar, posts that can be edited after publishing and a dynamic comment section under each. Now what does that sound like? Oh yeah…it sounds exactly like a blog huh? Don’t forget the pages below the header with About, Photos etc. It is eerie isn’t it?

But the single biggest thing, that makes Google+ a blog killer? Is that individual posts can be direct linked. (Click the drop down arrow on the post that says ‘link to this post’ to get url). So you can then promote your individual Google plus posts on Twitter, Facebook, blog comments AND MORE. Each post, has its own unique search identity (already!) So eventually the posts in G+ will act no differently than posts hosted on WordPress or Blogger.

In addition I can create posts that DO NOT appear in this public area, and get directed to select group of individuals (“circles”) or I can use Google Plus as my ‘newsletter’ publisher and send select posts to individuals EMAIL (and no they do NOT have to have a G+ account). Which means it acts as both a PUBLIC blog forum and a private socializing platform-all in one.

And the SEO ramifications with the peer recommendation of “+1” on posts is only going to further the power of Google plus dominating those who produce long content.

So what can it not do Marcy?

Well right now you can only upload one photo OR video per post. Which is probably fine for 90% of the bloggers out there, but for others it might not be. Also, and the most obvious point, you need to have an identity as a human, as brand pages or ‘fan’ pages have yet to be released on Google+…..but don’t worry- they are coming.

I am no Social Media Nostradamus, but I call it like I see it. And being a heavy user of all social platforms makes this prediction easy for me to say:

Google+ is a game changer for current bloggers, potential bloggers and and blog readers.

Those are my thoughts-but what do you think?


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