[Marcy’s Pick]My 5 favorite documentaries for creatives.

I have decided instead of buying several  $7.00 magazines that bore me to death or books that can’t hold my attention when I travel, I spend about $2.99 and rent a movie download from iTunes. Once you download you have 28 days to watch, and once you start watching you have 24 hours to finish. I copy them to my ipad or laptop and I am good to go. Watching movies while wearing headphones with no other sensory interruptions (like a guy coughing in a movie theater, or your cell phone vibrating) has proven to be a great experience. When I am on a plane- I am trapped. I can’t get online. I can’t make or take calls. I can’t do laundry. All I can do is SIT THERE. And so I do.

So Marcy what have you been watching?

Well, I am enjoying a slew of wacky documentaries. I adore documentaries. Some people watch movies to escape reality, but I watch documentaries to learn MORE about reality. I like reality- why try to escape it?

Here are my favorites:

Art & Copy: If you are in ANY creative industry (but particularly Advertising or PR) you will adore this film.

Winnebago Man: Amazing tale of locating and befriending the famous ‘Winnebago man” from You Tube fame. Hilarious and heart breaking.

The Parking Lot: Bizarre. Wacky film about a group of parking lot attendants. Makes you think. And laugh.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: A movie about the making of the movie. Perfection.

The Boys: Exceptional tale of the two greatest song writers in Disney history- and why they no longer speak to each other.

Exit Through the Gift Shop: All about Banksey. Nuff said.

Would love to know what you think of these movies.

We can be our own glamorous book club movie group k?

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