Fixing a bad hair color. Or not.

Something happened to me that has never happened ever before.

I had a hair dye nightmare.

I got my first gray hair when I was 20. Yes TWENTY. But it didn’t bother me much since everyone I knew was dying their hair and making it look fabulous, so I started too. I have gone jet black with a china doll hair cut, I have been highlighted to this side of blonde.. heck I even survived the ‘skunking’ trend (dark hair with chunky platinum highlights)…yes, my friends I have run the gamut of hair colors.

00000237About 10 years ago I decided to try and stay more true to my real hair color which is a reddish-brown. And I have been light red, bright red, copper and every shade in between…or so I thought.


A few days ago I went to my colorist and said these fateful words “I want the same, but brighter.’ And off she went mixing in her back room laboratory. I didn’t notice right away. Even after the blow dry I thought maybe it was just the lighting etc. Of course I should have been concerned when every single girl in the salon was complimenting me on the hair color. That is always a sure sign of a problem. Those beauticians stick together.301424_10150306614510998_196704845997_7775687_1514710341_n

When jack saw it- he said ‘you look hipster like you should be wearing Doc Martins and hanging out at The Lab’. The husband said ‘So what is the deal with your hair? Did you pay for that?’. I could almost handle those comments, but when the lady behind me in a store said “I just love your pink hair!” I nearly died.

And so I began Operation-Hair-Color-Correct.

The salon was closed on Mondays, and I am leaving for a flight today. So even though my colorist was more than willing to correct the color- I needed to do this alone. I washed it with Chlorine removing shampoo, dandruff shampoo and yes, dishwashing detergent too. I heated up olive oil to open the the hair follicles and then washed again. I washed and washed and nothing changed. Finally I went to the drug store and bought hair dye. I text my colorist and she guided me what to buy (semi permanent so my hair didn’t FALL OUT from being over processed) and ran home to try and change my clown hair back to something normal before a big meeting on Wed and ON CAMERA WORK for Disney on Friday.

I will not lie. I cried when I washed out the dye and saw that- it didn’t work. At all. Okay maybe a little. I don’t know. All I know is that when I look in the mirror I am sad.

Now I am wondering about hats. Are they ever appropriate in a boardroom?


Strawberry Shortcake Wig

UPDATE: Thank you to Nick (a glam-reader) who sent me this image and said it reminded him of me. You will pay for this Nick. YOU WILL PAY.

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