Miniature Golf: fun for the whole smoking family.

IMG_0773-1 Let’s go miniature golfing. A magical land awaits behind the castle off the 91 freeway. A land of tiger stripped obstacles, headhunter villages, Victorian homes and Mayan ruins.

IMG_0765-1 IMG_0766-1IMG_0768-1p IMG_0771-1

You have to love a family activity that fully anticipates you smoking while playing. And smoking so much you need bucket ashtrays at every hole. Classy.


And remember to keep out of fountains people. Which I find is a fairly good life motto actually.

If I could only REMEMEBER. I think every fountain needs this sign. That would help.

Sidenote: I actually kinda love Camelot Golf in Anaheim. I went there as a teenager many-a-night to flirt with boys in the arcade play golf and I even spent a 100 degree day 10 months preggers with Jack playing trying to golf the darn kid out of me. The other cool thing is it was fairly cheap- and my kids were so excited to go. Oh and Jack would like you to know that he won a free game on this day too. He is the Tiger Woods of putt-putt golf now.

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