Let’s experiment shall we?

Hypothesis: Having a decidedly (and deceivingly) more attractive, more skin showing, more remotes bed showing- profile pic lead to more crazies circling you on Google+?

Well, folks let’s see….

I changed my G+ profile pic from:

From this—————>  Picture 154p 

To this———————> IMG_0729p copy

At the suggestion of a follower, who saw it in this previous post. I tried to explain that I don’t like my profile pics to look better than I really do in real life. I hate to have people be disappointed when they meet me in person. Yeah, that happens. Nothing worse than introducing yourself and seeing that look on someone’s face of ‘huh really?’….And everyone knows that the photo-taken-up-high always makes you look WAY better than you do in real life.

So what was the result of my experiment?

RESULT: I was immediately followed by tons of creepy men. What kind of men?

Oh the kind with these profile pics:


Jesus AND the devil, a guy shooting me with a GUN, a teenager in a police line-up and apparently a guy who loves the 80’s artwork by Nagel.

And loads more with equally FREAKY profiles.

Oh I also received LOADS of creepy messages too. My favorite?

“Ooo I like what I see. Let’s be friends. I love American women.”

Um, I don’t think so buddy.

Block profile, block profile, block profile.

Not surprisingly- the amount of new people circling increased as well.

So it turns out the world on G+ is just as creepy as the real world.

Good to know.

Needless to say…I have changed the profile pic back.

To a pic of me with no make-up on…

Picture 157

That is sure to keep the freaks away.

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