AdTalk: Special outfits for special people


Well looky here- it’s an ad for a Fishin Suit.

Not to be confused with a FISH-ING suit, which is a totally different thing.

Cuz this-a-here is a genuine FISHIN suit, which is more casual and fun and includes solid metal O rings. It’s available in a rainbow of colors for both men and women all the way up to Uncle Bobs size a 4XL.

So next time you are gonna go hit the water to catch y’all some supper,

Remember to dress for dinner and wears you a FISHIN SUIT!

MarcyNote: Can you see the pain in that poor girls eyes? She was so excited to get her first modeling job. And then they told her to pull on the poplin jumpsuit and she wanted to run. But rent was due. So she zipped up her two way zipper and smiled.



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