Etsywood. I want to be Mayor.

I love Etsy.

But then again who wouldn’t? It’s a land full of vintage, clever and beautiful. Actually I would like to live in a world made of all things Etsy. We could call it Etsywood. And it would be awesome.

Lest you think Etsy is all crochet and felt (BTW- felt is to hispsters what black lacquer was to yuppies)- I give you my favorite picks for a geek girl.

You know…just ideas for  your average glasses wearing, orange loving geek girl.



Wood Letter At Symbol - Wall Hanging, Baby Name, Nursery, Wedding, Custom

Geek chic glasses acrylic necklace

Email At Sign Sterling Silver Pendant Geek jewelryAnony Tweet Pillow - Orange

Half-Life inspired print 11X17"

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