Google Plus: So where are we?


8 months since Google Plus launched. It is growing so fast it is projected to really be giving FB a run for it’s money by the end of 2012.

I have said this publically many times, but I think it might be worth repeating.

This whole Google Plus/ Facebook thing isn’t really and ‘either/or’ discussion- as a matter of fact G+ represents a much larger initiative- an initiative that goes past social updates.

Google+ is the first step into total online identity and preference tracking. Giving the user better, smarter and more intuitive application and platform usability.

Think about this- You Tube, Google Search, Picasa, Blogger, Picnik, Google Earth, Google maps, Gmail, Google Docs, Motorola Mobility and MORE. Chances are- even outside of their dominant search platform you are using a Google property in some way nearly every day online. And once G+ is fully realized, it will be the connector to all of these applications. Complete sync and share across the many platforms will make working within the Google world easy, intuitive and joyful.

I no longer encourage people to join Google+.

I don’t have to- because before long, you will have a need to be part of it.


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