The Glamorous Life at SXSW: What did you miss?

So Marcy….. What is this SXSW conference all about any way?

Well, it is about seeing people you work with in cowboy hats.


It’s about hanging out with good friends that you never met in real life before and then taking product placement photos in the PepsiCo (client)  lounge.

(This is Lynette Young and Simon Salt)


…and wearing cheap free sunglasses at night like an idiot.

(with Lynette Young again and Guy Kawasaki)


It is walking the streets of Austin and seeing the Hootsuite vehicle, a pub crawl bar-bike and a boxing robot all within 10 minutes.

IMG_3367 IMG_3371 IMG_3380

It is taking a pedi-cab ride from Wonder Woman or Darth Vader

IMG_3387 IMG_3370

It’s about walking the expo floor to see that DrunkKnitter had been there, and then being asked stupid obvious questions.

IMG_3413 IMG_3401

It’s about driving 20 minutes out of the city to the Meat Mecca also known as Salt Lick and eating obscene amounts of brisket.


IMG_3438 IMG_3443

But mainly- for me the experience was about hanging with colleagues from across the US, networking with influencers and learning from the best in the business at the panels.

(Here with Adam Keats, Chris Perry and Mananya Soobhawan)


Oh and drinking.

There is lots and lots of drinking. : )


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