Mama Kat is Losin it…..and me.

kattallp Do I look overly happy and short in this photo? It’s not my fault. I was actually overly happy to be hanging with one of my all-time-best-internet friends (is that even a category anymore?) Kat from the world famous Mama is Losin It. And she is glamorously tall.

You may recall, Kat and I had our first date last year –when Drew Barrymore couldn’t stop looking at my boobs. No really- there is this photo that proves it.

Once upon a time, I had 90 blogs in my blog reader. NINETY that I read every day. And now? I don’t even use my reader. I just check in on about 5 of them. And Kat’s is one. Her blog is hilarious, smart and genuine…..which is exactly how I would describe her in person. Well that and tall. And she is annoyingly pretty. Which kinda pisses me off.

So our second date went really well. And no awkward goodbye kiss either. If you haven’t been on a Blog Date. I highly recommend them. It’s great fun to socialize ‘in-human’ once and a while ya know.

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