Easter in the OC.

A basic run down of my Easter weekend….

IMG_3899 IMG_4032-001

There was lots of swimming and tennis matches. Which was necessary after two delicious brunches this weekend and many cocktails.

IMG_3933 IMG_3963

Egg decorating, that was incredibly fun and competitive. Ultimately The Husband won with this modern simplistic egg that both represented our county and had wonderful color saturation. He gets gloating rights all year now. And we are legally bound to refer to him as ‘The Egg Master’.





But mostly, Easter weekend gave me lots of good time with these two hoodlums;

‘Mr. Hipster-I-am-embarrassed you are taking my picture’ Jack and ‘You-can-never-be-over-dressed’ Tucker.

This is spring break for us this week as well. And sadly I am working for most of the week. So if you are anyone I might be on a conference call with this week- and you hear me try to cover the phone and yell something like ‘stop licking your brother!’ just pretend you didn’t hear it okay?

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