JackTalk: Gaming the gaming system.

Photo unrelated. But he looked cute- so I had to post it.


Jack: Man. I made 2 million today.

Me: Oh, yeah doing what?

Jack: In the Runescape. I set up this thing where people pay me money to bet against whether or not a flower turns into a warm color or cool color.

Me: You mean it is like roulette where people bet on black or red?

Jack: Yeah. Exactly….

Me: Um, Jack I don’t think you should be bragging to your mom about setting up a gambling racket.

Jack: But it’s not like I have a problem. I am the HOUSE. I win no matter what. I would think you would be super proud-

Me: Um, Jack. I don’t think at 13 you should even know what being ‘the house’ is…

Jack: I am a virtual Steve Wynn. I bet HIS mom is proud of him.

Me: Carry on. But let’s pretend I don’t know k?

Jack: Deal.

as I was writing this post, I couldn’t remember what was the thing they bet on. So I sent him a skype message upstairs. And his answer made me laugh:


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