Be an answer. Not a problem.


It’s a motto I have using for years. When people would ask me relationship advice, or career advice, or even ‘should I write this book?’ advice (FYI people just ask me everything )….It was always part of the conversation.

Be an answer. Not a problem.

We all want to be desirable. Popular. Successful. Valued. Admired. Loved.

To achieve any of the positive things we are chasing in this life, always remember that it is the people who SOLVE the needs, issues and problems of others that rise to the top.

An educator solves the need for information, the significant other supports without expectation, the friend provides a safe place to connect with no obligation…and a brand provides solutions with their products-utilizing marketing that in itself adds value to the consumer experience. Do you want to advance your career or get noticed in the work place?

Be an answer. Think about what problems your company needs to solve. Get done what needs to be done.

And to content creators who whine and rant endlessly- might be making themselves feel better- but is that providing much of an answer for the reader? Or is it just becoming part of the problem?

So look around. Decide what you want, then be the answer;

- A force of positive, forward moving energy- who is someone who looks to help, solve, cure, fulfill and provide solutions –

And before long- you might just have everything you want.

Then what will you do?

: )

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