Riding with strangers (Trusting will get you there)

smirkforyou-001Yesterday I flew to a new city. Minneapolis. Some place I had never been in all my 41 years. I got off the plane and was deposited into an unfamiliar airport. I walked slower than normal try to determine where the cab line was outside the doors. Finally, I just did the unthinkable- and asked one of those Walmart greeter type people at an information kiosk. As I walked outside to the Minneapolis heat (not kidding it was surprisingly hot that day) I found gentleman standing next to cab. He took my bags without me saying a word. Put them in the trunk. ‘Do you take American Express?’ I asked- and he nodded yes. And just like that I jumped into the back of the car with a stranger.

I told him my hotel name as we were exiting the airport grounds. He just said ‘fine.’ And as I sat there, approaching some Minneapolic traffic on the highway it occurred to me; I have placed an exceptional amount of trust in this strangers hands. He has my bags locked in his trunk, my life is in his hands and I must trust that he will get me where I want to go.

Trust. We are asked to do it all the time. In some cases from complete strangers. But we trust because we are hiring the one with experience, the knowledge base and track record to get us to where we want to go. Successful business relationships are no different. No, I am not talking about you and the blonde in accounting. I am talking about the people brands hire to get them to where they need to go. Ad agencies, digital agencies and yes, PR agencies too. Brands, at some point you made a judgment call, that the agency in front of you had what it would take to get you to where you need to go. So you took a risk and jumped in back.

So now it is time to say- LET THEM DRIVE. Too often brands hire great people, and then proceed to question every decision, idea or concept that comes their way. Sure they have every right to be cautious. And they need to be vigilant in seeing that the relationship is headed in the right direction- but they also need to TRUST. Trust is the very element that can foster creative genius by an agency on behalf of a brand. Trust creates a halo of inspiration around every conceptual session. Trust is, without a doubt, integral for the success of all brand/agency relationships.

I am happy to be able to work  for an agency that has so many amazing household names on their client roster. And it is because those brands trust us– to provide the best, smartest and most amazing counsel at all times—that we we able to execute on that. Trust is everything.

Trust me on this.

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