Cars Land Media Preview and why Tom Staggs is my favorite.

IMG_7967Tom Staggs is my favorite Disney executive that I have the pleasure of knowing. (sidenote: I still love you too Bob Iger.) Tom speaks from the heart, and is genuinely excited about the changes that have occurred at the Disney California Adventure over the past year. The transformation is nothing but remarkable. New entrance, entirely new entry land experience (Buena Vista Street) and of course the much anticipated new Cars Land. And he either genuinely respects media and bloggers like me- or he is an ace actor at press events. Because I leave feeling like the most important person to Disney every time.


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Cars Land is officially opening June 15th, but a select few of us were already allowed in to taste some food samples at Flos Café. And I will be returning soon, to gather even more footage to share with my readers. Meanwhile, I have permission to show you some displays from the last media event. Get ready people. Cars Land is gonna blow your mind.

IMG_8023-001 IMG_8020-001

Personally I think the merchandise available in Cars Land is going to sell like hot cakes. Why? Well- because the designers were smart to steer clear from cartoony themed t-shirts and attacked it more from a genuine ‘car culture’ approach with mechanics tees, car club logos and even a ‘Low & Slow’ SKU. Southern California is in a way its own ‘cars land’ with our obsession over all things car and vintage so I think these items will be flying off the shelves.

IMG_8031-001 IMG_8030-001IMG_8018-001

Be sure to stop by the Crazy Cone Motel (yes like street cones) to pick up some pickle flavored popcorn, a ‘conedog’ or pretzel bite. Lots of fun food in this land and it has all been themed perfectly to keep you in the moment.


Stay tuned. More tons more Cars Land coverage coming soon.

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