Ask me about my weekend and I will know you don’t read my blog.


“Got any big plans for the long weekend?”…I was asked no less than 67 million times last week. And I am waiting for tomorrow’s conference calls to begin with a past-tense variation of ‘tell me all about the amazing thing you did over the long weekend.’ Ugh.

Hence. This post.

Sadly, I had no idea it was a long weekend until around Friday at 3:00 when the kids came home from school and were happier than usual, and mentioned no school on Monday. So act surprised when I tell you I had no plans for this bonus day off. I knew Tucker had a hockey tournament (and only because my assistant reminded me 100 times and the husband called from Hong Kong 3 times a day to let me know as well). So that was the weekend plan; go to hockey games, wash hockey clothes, take hockey naps and feed the hockey player.

IMG_4808 IMG_4825 IMG_4820

Which is about what we did.


We also went to Benihana’s one night (after one of the said hockey games) to celebrate my moms birthday- where the kids ordered lobster and steak and scallops and pretty much just looked at the waiter and said ‘just give me everything that will make my parents pay thru the nose.’

Then in an eleventh hour to save the weekend and look like a normal family who does stuff together we all went to a mall. It was gorgeous out, we had a great lunch and did some fun shopping.

Tucker got this super cool new hat from PacSun (where else?)- that made him so cool he could no longer smile for photos. The boys rode the Ferris wheel while mommy shopped. It was perfect.

IMG_4880-001  IMG_4864

So there you have it.

My weekend.

My ridiculously looooonnnnnnngggg  boring weekend.

Most of you know- I don’t get the concept of relaxing, time offs or heck even weekends for that matter.

But I did my best.

And I gotta say it wasn’t half bad.


PS: Just to give you an idea of how bored I was, I actually made a dessert. A recipe from Pinterest too. I will post those glorious results tomorrow. I know the excitement is killing you huh?.

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