13 yr old boy begs his friends mom to let her son play World of Warcraft to keep him out of jail. Yep.


Dear Mrs. Massura,

You should buy Jack a 3 month subscription to WOW. It would benefit both of us- me by being able to talk to Jack instead of talking to myself. Plus, it would benefit you because you wouldn’t have to listen to him or hear him for a long time. Plus it keeps us out of jail. I haven’t been in jail in like 2 weeks. Even though I have been playing for 4 years, it doesn’t matter. So please, please PLEASE buy him a 3 month subscription.



This is one of Jacks long time good friends. And I always liked him-
but now I think he is extra awesome.
And for the record? I bought the subscription.
Because effort and team work like this needs to be rewarded.

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