Welcome to PinHer 2012!

Disclaimer first: This pin-board, this image, this name- is in NO WAY affiliated with the brand BlogHer. In fact I might be getting in trouble for this…but since they are pretty cool people I kinda doubt it. But still just want to be uber uber clear.


Excited to announce a large group of us, will be LIVE PINNING the entire BlogHer 2012 experience.

The swag.

The shoes.

The speakers.

And all the fun crazy stuff in between.

There are about 30 of us, who will be contributing to this board, and if you can not make it to BlogHer this year, but want to follow along to see what people are wearing, what brand booths are awesome and all the rest, follow the board and you will see every pinnable moment : )

Follow here.


(A few spots left for contributors. If interested please
leave a link to your pinterest profile in the comments.)

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