BlogHer 2012: Why did I go?

IMG_6339pI am always happy in New York. It is where people talk as fast and as loud as me. They use their hands, they make big gestures. They scream at cabbies that don’t stop when they are crossing illegally outside of a crosswalk. New Yorkers are my people.

Never mind that I am a native Southern California girl. Everyone who knows me- knows New York is more like me than any place in the world. Chicago close second. You can keep your beaches and sunshine- I will take pizza by the slice, taxis and just the awesome energy that comes from stuffing a whole bunch of people on an island.

I was there for BlogHer 2012 and it started with me hiding in my room working, to catch up from a non-wifi flight. Eventually hitting the parties and seeing such rock stars as @Bossy and my colleague Adam Keats. Bossy by the way rocks a pair of Converse better than anyone I know.



The next day I continued my tradition of photographing my hair and outfits to see what I looked like before hitting the expo floor and taking a pic with an adorable Milkman from the Milk people*. Who refrained from making any bad jokes about ‘jugs’ the entire time. Clearly he was a professional.

IMG_6318-001 IMG_6317 IMG_6315-001

Then I went to lunch with Martha Stewart.  As you can see, It was a small intimate affair. She was guarded and reserved as expected and said odd things to try to convince us how ‘normal’ she is like ‘you have to pet your horses everyday to stay grounded.’ um, okaaaaay. Also, I don’t think a 70 yr old woman should be wearing shoes that look like that came from Forever 21.

IMG_6313-001 IMG_6314-001

This was followed by a ‘meeting’ with publisher and all around unicorn, Ellen Gerstein at The London hotel. As you can see. It was a very serious meeting.

IMG_6321-001 IMG_6322 IMG_6324

That night I was thrilled to attend a Harley for Women* party at Whiskey Park with Margaret Cho.

IMG_6347 IMG_6348-001 IMG_6350-001

IMG_6357pIMG_6375-001 And it went on and on like that for days. Oh I taught one whole day at BlogHer Geekbar too.

But the REAL joy of BlogHer is this…the people. The people like my eyeglass twin Lynette Young and Jaime M. Curtis of Babble-Daily Candy/ Prudent Baby fame. It is the people who make you feel normal, that make you laugh until you almost pee your pants as you watch a rat cross your path in Central Park and one of you says ‘Oh my god this is like an episode of Law and Order’ ….yeah. SUCH good times. When everything seems like the funniest bestest idea EVER. Like “Lets take a photo by a subway sign!”

Yeah. It was like THAT.

So why did I go?

For the PEOPLE. That is what makes BlogHer awesome.

And that is why I will most definitely go again in 2013.



Sadly my trip home was a disaster. 3 hours on runway (in which I ate a candy necklace to sustain myself) , cancelled flight, scary airport hotel, wake up to flight delay due to ‘lack of PILOT’…and even though I offered to fly us home the airline* didn’t think that was such a great idea. Loved these tweets….



* All clients of Weber Shandwick, the agency that employees me.

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