Marcy 2.0 coming soon.

IMG_6296I have been doing a lot of thinking about self-betterment and areas of improvement lately. It is something that doesn’t come naturally to me- since I tend to just avoid my obvious flaws and pretend they aren’t really there. Which is a mighty fine approach when you have been a consultant or entrepreneur for years, but when you choose to work in a large company and find yourself having to actually interact with other HUMANS in effective ways…well those ‘flaws’ come bubbling up the surface faster than a politicians lies. So I am working on them.

So my first step was identifying and acknowledging my issues.

I by no means have ever considered myself ‘flawless’, but I had mentally rebranded my weakness into ‘character traits’ or thought of them as ‘how I am’…implying an established permanence of unchangeable facts.

Personality is almost always seen as set in stone- or so I thought. So this first step- perhaps the hardest- was being honest with myself, and asking for others opinions…and for once LISTENING to what they had to say. Not listening while rolling my eyes and building a defensive rebuttal…but actually listening.

I have also found that I am trying to talk to more people about the things I do poorly. I seem to keep bringing it up all the time now. (um, like this post) There is a freedom in admitting that I have a problem being ‘vulnerable’ in the work place. That I can be intimidating ,overly guarded and a perfectionist. Also it turns out I am perceived as being demanding. And much of this work is about ‘perception’. Because I am actually a nice person- but if others perceive me differently, well that is all that matters.

Of course these are all traits I considered ASSETS until I started this process. Those are all things that I considered strengths…and part of my personality I would have credited with my success. Previously if pressed I would have said ‘the worst parts of me, are the best parts of me’ But now- I am working through this process to find better ways to communicate and present myself.

I am more than ready for a re-boot and software upgrade.

Essentially, I am working on becoming Marcy 2.0  by installing a new operating system.

  So tell me, what are you working on these days?

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