GlamReview: Wii U (The Standard West Hollywood too)



That’s right people. It’s WiiU time. By now you probably have heard about this new gaming system by Nintendo. And Jack and I headed up to Hollywood to hang out and play with it over the weekend.

(Skip to the bottom of the post if you just want the WiiU thoughts :)


But first, let’s throw in a bonus review of the hotel The Standard in West Hollywood. I think because I live my life in hotels it seems, I am now practically a hotel reviewer.

Like this hotel (not to be named cuz I have to stay there again next month maybe) that has no counters in their bathrooms. NONE. So I got creative. Yup. That is an ironing board in my bathroom.

Anywhoo….getting back to The Standard in West Hollywood. It was like being on a movie set. From 1962. Low bed. Low tables…and yep a metallic silver bean bag.

IMG_7079-001 IMG_7081-001 IMG_7082-001

The view was fab and our room was connected to the pool. The pool that was a night club till midnight.

Yeah for ear plugs.

IMG_7087-001 IMG_7117-001

Wait back to the room…

Adore this orange faucet and wondered why there was a hamster ball in the closet. Which turned out to be an ice bucket actually.

IMG_7088-001 IMG_7120-001

The lobby had bubble chairs. Jack and I have decided we MUST get these at home.

IMG_7096-001 IMG_7107

But the best part of The Standard is the 24/7 diner. Complete with weird menus that have faces on them, a sparkly blue ceiling and yes, Nutella (which I have still never tried and never will) with your toast.

IMG_7123-001 IMG_7131-001 IMG_7138-001 

Now thoughts on Wii U…

We were one of the first families to have an original Wii system. And many of the same things that thrilled me then, thrill me now with the Wii U. Top level gaming, innovative humor and fun in game concepts and the ability to access the internet and Netflix from the console.

This time it is the innovation of the ‘second screen’ thingy. We learned that while it is not necessary to use the second screen for all games- it acts as a tool to ENHANCE the gaming experience. Additionally, the second screen provides different needs for different games. So in one game it might act to manipulate the aggravators in the game, and in another it helps you navigate as a mapping system.

The graphics in these games are just enthralling. They pull you in and memorize you. I fell in love with Pikmin. Just IN LOVE.


Wii U is in stores 11.18.12 and if you are looking for ONE gaming system that pleases the littles and the big kids (like mine) this is IT.  Visit the website HERE  to see which game titles there are (many familiar) and prices and all that good stuff.

I can not WAIT to get mine. And when I do- you are all invited to play with me : )


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