Last minute costumes for the win.

The sign says “I love ceilings”. Because he is a Ceiling Fan for Halloween. Way to phone it in Jack. Tucker is some kind of Mario that has been to Vegas recently. Hope that eyeliner mustache isn’t toxic for the kid.


Meanwhile, I am dressed as a work-from-home-agency girl. Costume includes yoga pants, old Disney tee. Hair in pony tail. No make-up and bunny slippers. I know.  SO AWESOME huh?

Meanwhile, a conversation with Jack this morning:

Me: Man I love Halloween.
Jack: Nothing like sending your kids out dressed in disguise to extort candy from the neighbors at night.
Me: Jack you ruin the fun with your logic.
Jack: It’s who I am mom. It’s just who I am.
Me: Well please be sure to extort lots of Almond Joys for me k?
Jack: You. Are. Pathetic.

Pathetic? Maybe. But I will be rolling in FUN SIZE  soon!

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