Hockey you are on my last nerve.

Tucker was out of town for the weekend for a Hockey tournament. And I got this call from The Husband “Do not freak out. It is NO big deal. But we are in a hospital. Do not freak out. Tucker got kinda a little hurt in the last game. Are you freaking out? It’s nothing. Really nothing.”break

So of course I freaked out.

Then he sent me a pic of my little dude smiling while bandaged and I calmed down a little. I also had the chance to look at ‘the films’ and while I channeled everything I learned from Greys Anatomy and E.R. episodes I was unable to see anything other than adorable little bones of my cutie pie freckled face BABY. Turns out my Dr. Mom title has it’s limitations.

Happily the injury is NOT serious, which we confirmed with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon after he returned home.

A fracture. Cast for 3 weeks.

He asked me to sign it first.

I was flattered.

So of course I included an embarrassing heart.

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