Williamsburg, Virginia. Yes that colonial one.

Last week I had a great opportunity to visit Colonial Williamsburg for a client event. I had never been before, and was pretty taken back with the authentic charm. These people take their period commitments seriously. The hotel was astonishingly beautiful- equivalent to being a resident in the White House I imagine. And I knew I was home, when I discovered a David McCullough book in the room. My fellow history buffs out there will know what an awesome sign this was to see.


Beyond the hotel and client event, was Colonial Williamsburg town across the street. A full neighborhood full of working shops and re-enactors who are so entrenched in their pretend time period you start throwing in a few “ye olde” and “ma’lady” just to keep up.  I learned from a master blacksmith about the armory in town, watched a wig maker hand tie human hair onto a wig string and learned about undergarments from a milliner. 


I also stopped to talk to some sheep butts, listened to some town gossip about Thomas Jefferson and learned about kitchen life. Needless to say my family would have STARVED. I would very much like to hug the man who invented refrigeration and the microwave.


It is rather strange for me to have done anything as touristy as this while on a business trip, for 99% of my trips I never leave my hotel. But this was so worth it. Williamsburg is a magical little place full of wonder, theater and history.  In other words…it is amazing.

Add it to your list of places to experience…trust me- it is worth it.


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