The World’s Worst Christmas Letter (2012)

Merry Christmas. I didn’t put up a tree this year. Because the only time I would have to do it would be at 3am last Saturday  and well, I decided I like to sleep a little each day. I did other decorations though. And I managed to send out Christmas cards with photos I took with my iPhone. Let 2012 be the year of ‘The Phoning it in Christmas’. It’s okay because I will still buy lots of overpriced gifts for my kids- so you know they will still love me and stuff.

Let’s take a look back at 2012 and see what has been going on…

IMG_7131-001 IMG_8517 IMG_6404-001

My 14 year old (Jack) is the size of a man now. I managed to keep him off drugs, keep him in school and out of jail. Yeah me! He did his first school play this year, and I was overcome with pride. Sure I had been grooming him since birth by even explaining how his crib had a ‘stage left and stage right’ and constantly reminding him not to break the 4th wall while out to dinner etc….but when he came home and told me he was trying out for a play…I was SO HAPPY. I acted nonchalant (subtle like a cracked out bunny)….and by the time the performance rolled around, it was magical. So in 2012 I learned that reliving your youth is better than your actual youth sometimes.

IMG_4780 IMG_4880-001 IMG_6608-001 

My other kid (Tucker) is really learning to hone is legal argument skills. He is going to become one kick-a$$ attorney (like his grandpa) one day. He is still obsessed with two things in life: making money and being right. So a lawyer it is! Straight A’s and perfect scores on his benchmark exams are mind-blowing to me. He is a dang academic rockstar. I constantly refer to him as my little ‘Alex P. Keaton’, a reference that of course he has no idea what I am talking about….so there is a good chance he thinks I am insane and can’t remember his name.

IMG_6744-0012012 nearly closes out 14 years of marriage for me as well. Which as one might imagine is a journey all in itself. But 14 dang years people. Pretty sure there were loads of people that took bets we wouldn’t last 2… in 2012 I learned that marriage is a game of endurance; kinda like an episode of Wipe-Out come to think of it. It will be 15yrs  in February…and I hope I win what is behind curtain number three as well. Tell us what we won Johnny.

In 2012 I flew 47 segments for a total of 86, 230 miles. That is a lot of flights. A lot of airport food and a lot of security check points people. I spoke at 9 conferences/events, and did 3 large webinars, radio interviews and magazine features as well. Basically I never stopped moving or shut up in 2012. And to the people who insist on striking up conversations with me on planes, and then throw out ‘wow all that travel must be hard on your family’…please remember I am within slapping distance of you. Thanks for the guilt stranger people. You kinda suck. 

Looking ahead to 2013 I see a lot of change coming my way.  I plan to be more mindful with my time and decisions and want to focus on what really matters.

Wine and napping.

and these humans….


(the actual iphone photo used on our cards. Next year I promise to do better, and hire a photographer to take a family photo. Oh who am I kidding…no I won’t.)


Merry Glamorous!

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