What to say to a working mom

I have been watching as a few co-workers and friends have their first child and learn to find balance between their paying jobs  and their unpaying jobs at home. It is mega hard. The organizational skills alone are award-worthy. But we figure it out. We plan, have calendars and to-do lists up the ying-yang. We set reminders on our phone for the kids homework due dates. We plan business trips praying there wont be an un-calendared school recital or flu outbreak at home. We move forward, giving 100% in BOTH parts of our lives…which if my math serves me correctly- is impossible.

We compensate by cutting back on sleep in favor of laundry and cleaning out our email boxes. We stop going to the gym. Or shopping. Or even socializing with friends. Maybe we dye our hair at home so we can multi-task and be more productive. We stop making dinner and we start buying it. We cut back on our personal blog (ahem) in favor of professional projects. We learn to live with hair-in-pony-tail day in and day out. Yes, we make lots of edits to our lives to make it all possible. To fit it all in. To do EVERYTHING.

Of course these changes happen gradually, and before long you realize you are different than you were before you were a working mom. In my case I am fatter, more exhausted and often frustrated. But I am also happier, have more purpose and clearly exhilarated.

So when HuffPo posted this little list of things NOT to say to a working mom, I thought I would write a post about what YOU SHOULD SAY to a working mom.

So here it is, the list.

1. You look great today. Can I bring you a latte?

It is a short list.

Please note: I used the cheesiest ‘working mom’ photo I could find. Which wasn’t hard- apparently working mom means BRING THE BABY TO WORK to most people who shoot stock photography. The other favorite image? The carrying-the-baby-and-briefcase-at-same-time photo.

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