Why Hillary’s hair matters to me.

hairme“Hey Red how are you?” I hear that all the time.  I am convinced it is because people can’t remember my name -which would actually better than the possible reality- that when people look at me, all they see is giant RED HAIR.

But you see- I am torn.

My red hair is a part of my personal branding at this point, and frankly part of my personality. When I was a kid my dad used to tell people I was a ‘pistol’ and now I hear people say things like ‘well you know how those redheads are!’…I am guessing they both mean the same thing; feisty, bold and aggressive. Words that are both compliments and insults. Both strengths and flaws.

I worry as I age (at an alarming rate these days), that my longish red hair is distracting, and tells people more about me than I want them to assume in business settings. I wonder if this girlie-girl hair makes it harder to take me seriously at times. I wonder if I just look like I am trying too damn hard. Like maybe it is a  ‘look over here at my red curls and totally ignore those wrinkles around my eyes and the extra 20lbs I carry’ technique. And I suspect I am fooling no one.

And then there is the time.Photo

I wear only five items of make up and  can do my face in 3 minutes flat. My hair? Takes an hour after a shower. AN HOUR. Try that when you are traveling and fighting jet lag. Air dry is not an option-as my hair just dries frizzy wavy, making me look like some heavy metal groupie from the 80s. (see exhibit A above) During the lost hour of drying, round-brushing and curling  I have a lot of time to think. Mostly I think about  WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WASTING AN HOUR TRYING TO LOOK SO GIRLIE. My brainiac side knows what a huge waste of valuable time this is…I mean just think of all the other more productive things I could be doing. Who wastes their precious time on such vanity?


I do.

I waste a lot of time on this damn mane of mine.

I am not alone in understanding the importance of women’s hair in the professional setting either. The State Department reporters can’t seem to get over Hillary Clintons lack of concern for her hair’s appearance while you know MEETING WITH WORLD LEADERS and such. She doesn’t travel with a hairdresser or stylist so she opts for a pulled back pony tail instead of some overly coifed hairdo. She has said ‘that would be silly and a waste of my time’. I hear ya girlfriend. I HEAR YA. Plus she is using that extra hour a day to like DO THINGS FOR THE WORLD. Chances are I will just use mine to sleep or read emails- but still….. chances are those lost hours would make my time strapped life a lot easier. Who knows…I COULD BE PRESIDENT. Okay not really.*

So now I am considering cutting it off. Back to my short bob days from few years back. Maybe tone down the red as well. So basically like the Dorothy Hamill haircut I had in 2nd grade.

Um…..someone call me a stylist.

I seem to be in a rut.

1st grade     small copy2

*but really

Tell me- How do you feel about women’s hairstyles in professional settings?

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