GlamGaming Review: #WiiU

IMG_9765-001When Nintendo says ‘hey, how about we throw a WiiU party at your house, for your friends?’ you try to act calm as you scream “OH YES PLEASE!”

We have had the WiiU for about a month already and almost instantly the other gaming systems in our house (the original Wii, Playstation and even an original NES system for vintage pixelly games) were ignored. The WiiU had everything the boys wanted and stuff for me as well.

Tucker did his best game show host post pre-party pose while we waited for the Nintendo game guys and our guests to arrive…IMG_9975-001


In the beginning the gaggle of teens and their parents were calm (too calm if you ask me) and polite and curious.  I was a little nervous. But with the help of the Nintendo Party Guys – they were soon screaming at the screen and cheering each other on.  Then came the real magic. You haven’t lived until you have seen 14 yr old boys sing ‘Call me Maybe’.IMG_0029-001

And then the dancing. Lots and lots of dancing. Who says gaming is for lazy kids?IMG_0019-001

So the party was a hit. But I couldn’t invite all of you- so let me give you a few highlights of the WiiU in imagecase you are considering purchasing this system for your family.

1. The WiiU is a TV system and a hand-held screen as well. The handheld screen can act as a ‘mapper’ for some of the games- so the person playing on that has actual control over the others experience.

2. Additionally, the handheld screen can play the games WITHOUT THE TV. Meaning Dad can watch golf and little Billy can play Mario Cart with headphone plug-in. Win-Win

3. That cool handheld thing? Is a complete remote for your TV and manages your Netflix and internet access. That part is called TVii…and it is my favorite because I let it know what shows I like best and it finds them FOR ME.

4. The graphics. I don’t know all the stats and numbers and resolution and all that jazz- but I do know this- the graphics are mind blowing and offer a total game immersion. It is freaky how cool they look….

5. So much more. I can’t even explain it all. Cameras. NFC. Motion play. Just tons and tons of features.

So there you have it. My favorite gaming system. Endorsed by my 12 and 14yr old and by ME. Tons of information can be found here.

Happy Gaming!


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