SXSW fashion regrets…

Yes I went to SXSW last week. Which is hardly news since about 120,000 people joined me there. It is a crazy festival of learning, networking, parties and more networking. All on minimal sleep. This year I was proud to be working for two favorite clients (but let’s be honest. I have a lot of favorite clients : ) …Oreo and the National Pork Board.

Last year I came home saying ‘I should have taken more pics with people’ and I also said ‘I need to make sure my hair looks better and my outfits are cuter- so I will want to take more pics with people’. Sadly I didn’t take my own advice- and I ended up in very few photos and most with a phoned-it-in pony tail. UGH.

And now…my SXSW slideshow. First up- my colleagues….notice how cute they all look.


And then me and my insane scarf hung out with great friends like Guy Kawasaki and Ben Parr and oh yeah SIG from Deadliest Catch.


Then I snuggled with the sweetest thing at SXSW. No not Michael Brito with his cool glasses but

MR OREO MAN himself!


Hey look it is blooming Marsha Collier at Allhat. And my friend Jason. I like how I tried to offset the bad pony-tail hair with really large earrings. I see now…it didn’t help.


Yo, Austin hair and make-up people. Hit me up for next year. I NEED YOU.


But the reality is, despite looking exhausted and brushless for most of SXSW it was a remarkable time with new and old friends. The client activations were all wonderful experiences to be associated with- and I was honestly sad it was over.




And on another note; you know how everyone tells you to wear comfortable shoes for SXSW? There is no shoe comfortable enough. Seriously. All you do is walk there. Or stand. The only shoes comfortable enough would come with its own butler person to follow you around with a chair.

Because good lordie…. SXSW days are long and the lines for everything? LONGER.

See ya next year Austin! I am going to start training now…

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