You taste funny to me.


When I go to a restaurant with my boys I am always compelled to take photos of them. It is a combination between the idle time while we wait to be served and the rare proximity to them; facing me and sitting relatively still.

So here they are -Jack in his Flogging Molly tee and Tucker in his Santa Anita Race track one. Jack is annoyed (and hungry) but Tucker never says no to photo. In fact Tucker is so committed to getting ‘a good shot’ he goes to great lengths to get Jack to come around…including licking Jack on the cheek.

The last pic is my favorite.

Tucker is explaining to Jack what his cheek tastes like…and it was so hilarious I had to put my phone down to laugh.

I don’t know about other kids and their moms…but I swear to goodness- there is nothing more entertaining and heart lifting than these moments.

Parenting is hilarious.

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