Seeking (and finding) Bagdad Cafe

Yesterday. I mentioned on Facebook that a random song crossed my mind. And I knew it was from a movie that had a huge creative effect on me.. 1987’s Bagdad Café. Quickly I learned that I must be the only person who cares about this amazing film because not only is it not available for download anywhere- neither is the soundtrack. Not on Spotify, or iTunes or Amazon Music. Basically- it doesn’t exist digitally anywhere. Which falls right in-line with the storyline of the movie actually…



But they don’t call me the ‘bulldog’ for nothing; cuz once I get my teeth into an idea- I do not stop until I make it happen. Which brought me to ebay  and eventually Amazon, where I purchased a used CD of the soundtrack for $4.44. I haven’t purchased a CD in over 10 years. TEN years.

bagdad2Today it showed up. Wrapped in home-made plastic wrap, and a piece of masking tape on the front cover that says “DAN”. Poor Dan. He probably moved in with some girl, and took the time to label all of his BELOVED CD collection because he was going to have them forever and they would never be obsolete…and now it is being sold.

And I am gonna leave that DAN sticker on there. Along with the $10.00 price one too. I feel a kinship with Dan. He is my kinda guy. I mean after all- we CLEARLY have the same great taste in movies AND music.

One thing you may (or may not) recall is that this soundtrack includes a 20 minute dramatic synopsis of the film. Which is a really good thing- because right now I am trying to find a copy of the movie as well.

Hey Dan? If you have one- give me a call k?

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