AdTalk: Get back in the kitchen ladies! Lincoln thinks you are an idiot.

On a recent flight I was looking through a fresh copy of Fast Company when I saw something that stopped me in my tracks; this

Straight away I thought there must some funny copy to explain this male only ad. So I read it- and sadly….Nope. Nothing.

So then I thought ‘oh I bet the next page is the duplicate ad with all women (which is a cool idea actually) saying that this car was for the 42-year-old-urban-dwelling-businessWOMAN.



I was so shocked I actually said ‘WOW’ out loud. The man sitting next to me, leaned over- took a look and said ‘that’s just wrong’. I immediately fell in love with him. And had a desire to run up and down the plane and rip out this page from all the Fast Company copies. I didn’t- BUT WANTED TO.

So SERIOUSLY LINCOLN….are you insane?

What you are saying is THIS CAR is for MEN.

Not women, not their wives, not businessWOMEN….but only MEN.

Hey Lincoln- 1953 called and they would like you come back and smoke cigars while the little ladies make you dinner. You know, while you men talk about things like horsepower and your secretary and all that stuff we women COULDN’T POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND.

I buy ALL THE CARS in our household. I have owned 11 cars myself, and the husband another 10. And I have purchased them all in the last 20 yrs BY MYSELF.

Guess what car I won’t even CONSIDER now?

The 2013 MKZ.

Never. Ever. EVER.

I mean, after all- your ad told me it isn’t for me. It is for men. But my husband will never drive one either- because I DECIDE THAT TOO.

Fire someone. Then hire a smart woman to keep this crap from happening again.

CYA STATEMENT: These thoughts are my own and no one else’s. They do not represent my agencies thoughts, my colleagues thoughts, my clients thoughts or even my personal assistant’s thoughts. They are only my thoughts. And I think they are pretty darn good thoughts too.

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