The garage. Why it matters.

IMG_0902I keep a really organized home. Well pretty much, except for the garage. Our garage has been like the junk drawer of our house. Come to think of it- because I have had a crazy garage I was able to keep my house so organized. It is like some OCD tradeoff. I shall call it; ‘OCD offsetting’….. Anywhoo…we finally pulled the trigger and invested in built-in cabinets so we can at least HIDE all the stuff I keep. Which includes loads of tools (I like to fix/ stuff), a collection of vintage hand forged farm and car tools plus 9 million pieces of sports equipment from baseball, hockey, la crosse, surfing, golf, long boarding and MORE.

Plus there is stuff like this…

IMG_0911It is a bank of drawers I rescued out of an old shed on the side of my grandmothers house when I was 15. It is depression era made, from old wooden cheese boxes. And um, I love it. I keep doo-dads and ‘littles’ in it now. Including a collection of Cracker Jack prizes from the 30s.



IMG_0915Before the new cabinets came, I took time to go thru drawers of odds and ends that came from my dad’s garage. I smiled when I found this old cigar band in one of the drawers. This was a cheap ‘garage’ cigar he smoked from time to time…and I still smile at the smell today. I miss my dad, gone now for 9 years this week (feels like yesterday) but I love that one of my happy places was his happy place too…the garage; where everything is possible if you take the time to figure things out.

My garage holds all the bits and pieces of me. The other parts of me that just don’t fit any place else. Weird collections, boxes of memories and my new drill I got for Mother’s Day this year. My garage matters to me. Because I am more than what can fit into a kitchen or home office. I am complicated, complex and at times confusing and messy. I embrace my ‘garage’-and you should too.



Here is a pic of my dad, at his work bench  and all the lessons I learned there.


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