Marcy’s Midlife Makeover (#1) The Leur Lift

UPDATE: If you decide to visit my preferred partner Leur Lab Integrated Aesthetics please mention my name! They are offering a complimentary Caci Muscle Lift Treatment, for the Entire Face when booking any laser or radio frequency treatment. This offer is valid until July 31st, 2013.

The Reason: I know. The most glamorous thing I could think to share with you all is my neck fat. For your PIC632013_before5_49sake I am NOT ENLARGING this photo. But there it is in all its gooshie glory. My neck when I lower my chin close to my chest…and it is the inspiration for the first treatment in Marcy’s Midlife Makeover.

Over the next several months, I will share with you a few non-surgical procedures I am having done. After researching high and low I found Leur Lab Integrated Aesthetics and decided they would be great partners in my journey to fight gravity.

Treatment #1: Leur Lift (also known as Acculift)
Doctor: Dr. Dao
Facility: Leur Lab Integrated Aesthetics IMG_1028
The Cost:  Seek Consultation as prices vary
Purpose: to reduce lower jowls to improve jawline (seems my cheeks have um, ‘slipped’) and improve texture on neck. Also fat reduction on neck.

Procedure: I am not a doctor. Or a nurse. Heck I never even watched General Hospital. I have zero medical knowledge….and yet I am going to describe the treatment. In essence, it is a form of liposuction that involves injecting a liquid under your skin that helps to DISOLVE fatty tissue. See that little red dot by my ear? That is one of 3 ‘entry’ points. Additionally, Dr. Dao used a thermal laser procedure on the top of my skin to tighten.

picP5210063The Before: First comes before photos, and the marking up fun. It looks like a toddler got the best of me while napping- but that is actually how Dr. Dao knows where to nip and tuck. I was a bit disappointed when he informed me most of my neck ‘sag’ wasn’t fat after all. Seems I have MUSCLE that makes my neck look walrus-esque…nevertheless we proceeded.

The During: Sooo they give you some ‘happy pills’ (Ativan and others) so you are kinda loopy. They inject numbing stuff so you are ALMOST numb. But I did feel the procedure. Not enough to cry. But enough to clinch my fists and grunt a few times. Oh I should add- I am a WIMP for pain. So I am guessing for others- they don’t feel it at all. The whole thing took about 30 mins. in a sterile medical procedure room.

The After: Um, well they wrap your head like you have a toothache in the 20’s and send you home (you need someone to drive you btw. I swore my assistant to secrecy. And now I am telling the world. I am complicated). By the time I got home…I WAS SWOLLEN. Like a bubble. It was endlessly hilarious for my boys. BUT no real pain. You feel numb and super tight…but no pain unless you rubbed the area.


Each day I became less swollen, less numb and skin tone more even. See that little dot under my chin? Another entry point-and they all healed in 24 hours.


On Day Three I realize that in addition to my neck redness making me look like a Law & Order strangle victim, my smile is broken. No matter how hard I try- one side of my smile doesn’t work. I panicked thinking there was some permanent damage. After my check up with Leur Lab and my doctor I learn since this is non-surgical the nerves are never cut. My smile will come back in a few weeks. Seems only a very few patients have higher sensitivity to the numbing medication. And well that is me.

Day Four I had to go shoot a video for Disneyland. Yes with swollen face, crooked smile and red neck. I broke out a scarf and went for it. The video is here. As the day proceeded my face got WORSE and the video is proof.

IMG_1057 IMG_1059

I started to feel pretty normal around Day Five. However, it going on 2 weeks as I type this and I still have numbness and sensitivity to touch.

IMG_1177 IMG_1255

The Results: This process will continue to improve for up to 4 months. Things get tighter and tighter.

Here is my new jawline as of a few days ago.


I will keep you all up to date on progress, and on the next procedure (Co2 Treatment to basically melt off my face)…which will be happening in late July. Stay tuned and also follow the Marcys Midlife Makeover Pinterest Board which posts photos in real time.



Your middle aged friend,



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