YO MOTS! I found a sanity saving app: Life360

Hey FTC: This is an UNSPONSORED POST. I know it is hard to remember a time back when bloggers created content without being paid. And some of us- still do it. I love this app and can not wait for you to try it. Yes even you FTC. Try it.


IMG_1432Are you a M.O.T. like me?

You know- a Mom of Teens?

Well it’s time we upped our game from guilt trips and restriction to keep tabs on our not-so-littles. Introducing Life360 for smart phones (I know, I know not everyone has a smart phone. But this is one of the reasonIMG_1434s my kids do.)

First of all the free version is very robust. In real time I can see where my kid’s phone is (and then can see me too), I can send messages, request a check-in and more. The kids can send out an all-points-bulletin (APB like from Dragnet) to everyone connected at once if they are in trouble. It will CALL, text and email everyone all at once showing the kids location and track movement.

IMG_1435AND? you can set locations, so that you are emailed anytime specified individuals leave or arrive. For instance I have Casa Massura designated- so even if I am in my New York office I know when they leave the house- or when they return home. I also have their schools in the app. So should I get a message in the middle of the day during the school year I would know they were either ditching or kidnapped.

It also shows where registered sex offenders  and recent crimes are located in proximity to my kids…creepy. But I want to know.

I was hesitant to install it on my kids phone. I mean my kids are really good- and never give me reason to worry about their behavior- but I do worry about OTHERS. So I just told them to download it and that I would connect them to my account (super easy btw*)…and as it turns out THEY LOVE this app too. They like to track ME as I travel and send me text and say ‘your plane is flying over Denver mom’. It is just a small thing that keeps us connected as their world gets bigger and broader by the day.

So there you have it. A Glamorous Pick for you. Try it. You are gonna thank me later : )

And thank you to the FB friend who recommended it to me! We moms gotta pass the good stuff along!

*It would be totally possible to install this on your kids phone, then bury it in an app folder thing named something else and they likely would never ever know it was on their phone. THAT was something I considered. Then I thought I would just ask them and see what they said. if they freaked- I was gonna add it anyway. Cuz I am boss lady and I pay for the phone dang it.




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