Greatest gift. EVER.

Recently I took a Disney cruise through Alaska. More on that whole experience later but for now let’s take a look at the world’s greatest gift a mother could have ever received. Here is the story:jtdisney

All over the Disney ships are photo studios. No really, they are back drops and lights and profesh photogs just waiting to do entire photo shoots of your family or your kids. They make a lot of profit on those photos, so this makes great sense. Anywhoo we had two rooms for our immediate family and well, several days we let the kids stay in the other room alone. They would be doing trivia contests, playing basketball on the top deck or do karaoke until midnight (or later). And well, I didn’t exactly wait up. So they came to their own room, and in the morning while they were sleeping The Husband and I would go have breakfast before waking their little Disney-Party-Animal bottoms up….

And one morning, Ed and I decided to swipe our room key into this kiosk thingy to see all the pics associated with our two rooms. They take photos of you at dinner each night and we wondered if maybe there was at least one of us that looked decent (there wasn’t) But look at what else I find?

I find a pic of my teenage kids in this fake sweet little kiddie pose. It is so bad. So horribly dorky- that I have promised to frame and hang in the house (okay not really. but maybe).


And later in the week, I was walking this little photo hallway where the kiosks are- and I see AN ENTIRE PHOTOSHOOT of Jack in the cheesiest poses ever. They had PRINTED THEM OUT AND THEY WERE ON DISPLAY.

Oh I can’t tell you how hard I laughed.

Disney. You win.


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