I have inherited so much from my children.

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As you all know by now, we went to Alaska recently. See here are two pics by nature, in nature, ON NATURE to prove it.  And btw if you are on my Christmas Card list, just know you will likely see these pics again. Sorry. But I am lazy.

any whoo…

Before Alaska was Vancouver. And while we were there Jack and I woke early to walk the city. This time I gave him my big camera and was curious to see what he would capture.

This is how Jack captured Vancouver:

First, a shot of a homeless guy sleeping on a heat vent in front of a fancy store.

A cool water sculpture thing

A funny graffiti’d sign

and lots of great sky/building shots.

I love to see how he sees things….

IMG_8599-001   IMG_8559IMG_8580  IMG_8665


Then we stopped here for Jack to try an authentic Japadog, because when in Japan….er, wait- I mean when in CANADA….oh never mind.

He wanted one.

They were weird.

He loved it.



Hanging out with Jack is one of my favorite things to do. And not just cuz he is a human that I made. But because Jack and I think a like. We have similar sensibilities and humor.

Here’s a good example:

During the trip someone was taking our photo. And they said ‘can you look up a little?’


and we both do this…


Humor is genetic.

You get it from your kids.

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