Marcy’s Midlife Makeover #2: Endy Med Treatments 1-2

Well I am still at it. Along with the help of my friends at the Leur Lab Integrated Aesthetics I still trying to turn back the time dial just a tiny bit. EndyMed is a 4 treatment process and I am halfway so thought it would be a good time to tell you about what it is. According to the EndyMed website the treatment is for body contouring, scar treatment and facial tightening. And what woman at 42 doesn’t want a tighter face?


There is no recovery time with this treatment (which is important to me due to all my travel), so you make 4 appointments about 2 weeks apart and in you go. Treatments are about  an hour and you can go back to work afterwards (well after you put on some make-up if that is your thing). You lay down and one of the lovely gals at Leur Lab Integrated Aesthetics puts some goop (official medical term) on part of your face. A whole heck a lot of it. And then she grabs the magic machine and rubs it on your face. It is warm and there are small moments every 10 minutes or so you feel a little ‘zap’. Like an electrical shock. Not painful. Just zappy (another medical term. I am practically an MD now). No you can’t nap thru this- but you also aren’t tense either. The hardest part is JUST LAYING THERE DOING NOTHING. Which I am horrible at doing. So I took a pic for you.

endy4-001 endy1-001

I know. I look pretty hot with no make-up on, and check out the hair net thingy.





How about a close up look a the zappy heat machine?

endy5-001 endy3-001


The goop is wiped off and your skin feels tighter almost immediately. It is a strange feeling but I liked it.

But wait, remember I said this could be used to contour your body? Well take a look at this. AND NO THIS ISN’T ME. This lady is 68 year old. SIXTY EIGHT YEARS OLD. She had EndyMed on her tummy and now she is bikini ready. Amazing.


Not all facilities are equal. Finding a aesthetician who knows how to maximize results is important- which is why I highly recommend my treatment sponsor  Leur Lab Integrated Aesthetics in Newport Beach, CA.

So here I am. But I am only halfway along. Admittedly it is difficult to show the changes to my skin texture in photos. So I invite all of you to come here and touch it. Go ahead and go all Helen Keller on me. You’ll see it bounces back and is all………. supple.

It has been years since anything on me was supple.

In fact I had forgotten what supple even was. Or how to spell it.


So this is an achievement.

TREATMENT #1: EndyMed Treatment
PURPOSE: TO improve skin tightness and texture


What else have I done? Here is my Leur Lift post!


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