How I found my body pic on a website.


Like most of us, I live in my own little reality. I am a hell of a sales person, and can use those skills to talk my inner voice into just about anything. The problem is, some things I need to re-sell over and over and over, like my weight.

“I am fat.”

“I am fine.”

“Nope I am fat.”

That is pretty much the loop in my head at all times. ALL TIMES. Even when I sleep. And on particularly low days I tell myself that I am not only fat, but I am so fat I should just stay in bed so the world doesn’t have to look at me. But no worries, I have days the pendulum swings the other way- where I look in the mirror and decide I look AWESOME. Totally freakin awesome.

It is LOUD in my head. And exhausting too. I mean I wish my mind would well… MAKE UP IT’S MIND. This back and forth is why dieting and motivation to exercise is so hard. When the ‘fat’ voice is on- I am motivated. When the ‘fine’ voice is on I eat donuts.

So when I discovered this website- it was a big game changer for me- and I couldn’t wait to share it with you (even though this post is embarrassing to write. I will do anything for you guys.)…at My Body Gallery women upload anonymous photos of themselves. They say how much they weigh, what sizes they wear, how tall they are etc. And you can put those in the search and see tons of photos of women’s bodies who MATCH YOUR NUMBERS.

By looking at others, it allows us to see ourselves more objectionably. I can look at the women who match my numbers and say ‘wow she looks good’ and it helps to know I have similar measurements so maybe JUST MAYBE I have been way too hard on myself. For a tiny bit- it allowed the ‘You are fat’ voice to take a break.

While you are there feeling all good about yourself- remember to upload your own photo. Use your awesome body to make someone else feel good too.

*Nope that is not me in the image.
I love you guys but heck no am I posting me in my undies.
Of course I might be on My Body Gallery already : )

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