The Back-2-School Christmas Letter

YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ THIS Post: Every year I tend to write an update on our family post, that feels more like those Christmas Letters than anything else. Why? Because my internal clock is more aligned with the end of summer than the end of the year. To me- the end of the summer is a better marker for tracking my boys lives, and hence this little journal entry was created. I don’t expect people to read it….but it soothes me to know I am keeping their history here. Especially since their baby books lie in the bottom drawer unfinished and as far as I know they don’t make ‘teenage books’.


September 2013: 

jacktuck2013Soo school starts tomorrow. Jack is going into 10th grade and Tucker into 7th. They are growing up; Jack is now taller than his dad, and Tucker can make his own omelets and more. Tucker is still particular about what he wears, preferring the most expensive version of anything- while Jack is easier with a ‘this t-shirt’ or ‘that t-shirt’ approach to fashion.

This summer was incredibly unproductive and uneventful- which means it was awesome. The boys got endless time on their computers to game and skype and just be themselves. Jack became obsessed with documentaries and has watched hundreds then conceptualized hundreds more to create as soon as he gets ‘funded’. He has been studying his PSAT book and the concept of needing straight A’s this year to get into his college preference (Chapman University) a reality.  Tucker is playing tennis this year- leaving behind his life in hockey, baseball, soccer, football, basketball and lacrosse. Yes- he has done them all.


Jack created and is launching his new t-shirt brand featuring his artwork “Error 4o4”, and is planning his art empire.  As of today he is planning a career in Marketing and Advertising. Tucker has been talking about moving his goal of being an attorney to an engineer. Frankly I will be happy with them just being employed.

And me? Well I started my new agency on June 1. I have been to New York about 9 times, and Seattle twice…with a few other trips (Alaska, Chicago) in between. I have been busy. In fact when other people tell me they are ‘busy’ I secretly laugh.  Oh and in the middle of all that we had construction/re-design at the house (added a media room for the boys and hardwood on 2nd floor) etc. Let me repeat: I HAVE BEEN BUSY.

But all in all how are the Massura’s? We are good. We are solid and on track.

Are we one meltdown/life change from it all falling apart?

Probably. Just like every other family.

But that is what keeps things interesting. We apply the family motto: “Just keep moving forward” …and when things hit us, we duck and/or hit back. And then we regroup and basically we just DEAL.

Here’s to surviving another  year of parenthood. Every year is different…and it is a bit like starting over.

Which is why this is such a kick-ass gig.

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