The new old me.

I woke up one day last week and decided to cut all my hair off.

Yes, just like that….well not really. But practically.

The truth is I wore my hair medium length bob for most of my natural born life. Until about 3 years ago, I decided if I was ever going to have long hair I needed to do it now- before I was too old to pull it off. So the ‘grow the hair out’ journey began. Honestly- it was pretty easy since my hair grows at a freakishly fast rate…and before long I had long-ish hair.

I loved my hair right after I did my hair. I would look in the mirror and admire its red bouncy curls…but inevitably I would catch a glimpse of myself later in the day, or worse yet someone would take a photo or a video…and what did I see? Scraggly tossled mop. Not attractive. Not professional.

In the end it was this video….


I  am seated on stage- being viewed from the side and I look more like this guy…

…than a pulled together professional.

(10 pts to people who not only know the name of this guy but can sing the theme song).


And even this photo with the amazing Randi Zuckerberg, Stacy Martinet and Stephanie Agresta that convinced me. Yes I am taller (which is weird, cuz I really am not that tall)…but my hair? Just not doing me any favors.

So a few days later- after I returned home I woke up, announced to my family and then went and had my hair cut off.

And I have never been happier. So easy to do while on the road, and such a consistent look ALL DAY LONG. I feel more ME than I ever did with my long-ish scraggly hair or the desperate pony tail walking into meetings.

Pony tails do not belong in board rooms. You heard it here first

So here it is…


The new (old) me.

(obnoxiously large sunglasses sold separately)

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