…and then Grandma told her “That’s right Betsy. Only women can understand the complexity of the Saran Wrap. Only women can hold the power of freshness. At some point in your life, you will hear your father or your husband in the kitchen attempting to un-roll the Saran wrap, only to end up screaming profanity from frustration. Saran wrapping skills are something only us girls possess. It is a feminine privilege.”

Betsy listened intently while her brothers cracked walnuts behind her and thought

“This is a bunch of crap. Grandma is sexist.”

The end.

Loads more of this kinda comedy here

AdTalk: Totally justified.


After 15 years and having made pork chops 900 times, and having him compliment her on dinner every single time…he announced one night he didn’t like HER pork chops. Um, her pork chops are kinda AWESOME. So you know, she did what she had to do.

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AdTalk: Because this is how we all put our lipstick on.



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Wasted. And proud.


This will forever be known to me as the wasted summer. No vacation. No break. Very few pool days. Not one single beach day. I did so little with my boys it is shameful. So what did I do? I worked. I travelled. I hustled to hold it all together. Oh and them? Well they [...]

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AdTalk: Nope. I am not hot enough. (Data Age/Journey)


Why is Steve Perry’s neck as wide as his head? And the tank top dude…what ya looking at? I am thinking Mr. five finger there in front is flashing some kind of gang sign to his fellow perm brothers. Aside from all that, lets absorb this ad in all its two-page spread glory: this a [...]

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AdTalk: So Sexy. So relaxed.

  Say it with me people. SEXY EXERCISE. Looks like Mr. Hunky-Hairy-Chest-Sits-Provocatively-In-Chairs is about to get some sexy exercise real soon from Ms. Hug –from-Beyond.

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AdTalk: Oh the suffering.


Being happy is hard for Annie. And there is nothing worse than being trapped in a happy marriage. Especially when your drinks match your table cloth and your hair scarf. It’s a living hell.

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