What happened to days like these? When women in white backless braless dresses macked out on men in great dark suits and skinny ties by the side of the road underneath the glow of such tantalizing and suggestive neon signs as CRESCENDO and INTERLUDE. All while a sexy convertible Cadillac waits in the distance to take them somewhere.

Something tells me these people are not married.

Well at least not to each other.

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AlbumTalk: How to have a happy marriage


  Is your marriage in trouble? It is okay. Bob is gonna help. Of course it begs the question- what is in that briefcase Bob?

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AlbumTalk: Back-off you trampy single women.


Music to keep your HUSBAND happy. How to strip for your HUSBAND. How to belly dance for your HUSBAND. Have I made myself clear you harlot?   Oh, what I wouldn’t give to see one of those ‘special instruction booklets’. The entire AlbumTalk series can be found here.

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AlbumTalk: Because ‘Music to Disinfect to’ was such a hit.

From the early Home Depot series featuring such hits as: “Making the w stroke pattern for you” “Picking colors from my heart” “A full coverage romance” and of course the song everyone loves…. “I can’t tell if it’s paint fumes or love”

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AlbumTalk: Mr T’s Commandments

Well, this really takes me back. Back to the days when large denim over-all sportin black men with a pawn-shop full neck of gold necklaces would come to the playground and ask us to sit very very close to him. Especially little Alan on the bottom. He used to sit very very VERY close to [...]

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AlbumTalk: Wondering how well polka accordions and chest hair worked with these outfits.

After being asked to paint three letters on his chest for the photo shoot, Manny realized a diet might be in order. Everything about this Album says FUN.

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AlbumTalk: Living with Lesbians and The Lesbian Power Authority

Subtle wasn’t in Alix Dobkin’s vocabulary.

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AlbumTalk: Possible the apple is poison too.

Alternate title: “Music to force your children into studying after they were caught talking to that no-good-Hispanic boy from the other side of town.” Cuz nothing helps a girl get over her boy troubles like hunkering down with The Melachrino Orchestra in New Orthophonic High Fidelity. Well, that and a bitchy helicopter knitting mom watching [...]

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AlbumTalk: The Addicts Sing

Featuring their big hit song ‘I left my heart (and body) in rehab’ and the very inspirational ‘Singing drives the shakes away’ (I am guessing Dr. Drew is working on putting his own group together soon.)

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