After her grandmother’s passing, it was MaryAnne who offered to help clean out the house.

And it really helped her understand Grandma so much better.

Tequila Vodka teaset

Turns out- Grandma was kinda awesome.

Actually you can BUY these
(I think this has belated mother’s
day written all over them) here.

This could totally happen.


I have a love hate relationship with infographics. Because I am a highly visual person- I love to SEE statistics come to life. But sometimes, when I see about 9 MILLION A DAY I start to think- WHEN WILL THIS END? And when I asked Jack to do his homework after school he replied “How [...]

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Yeah. I know you thought this before too….

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PhotoTalk: Thanks for making it so clear.


Looking back on it, Margret realized she didn’t really need the sign to go with her Halloween costume.

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PhotoTalk: And keep it comin’ bub.


She didn’t want a dainty lady-like salad. What she wanted was ham. And lots of it.

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{PhotoTalk} He ended up in the circle of ‘annoying but necessary’


Marla accepted Roger’s friend request on Facebook, and she was okay with him following her on Twitter, her blog and her You Tube channel. But on Google Plus she told him she needed a bit more time to think about it. Just to help clarify, a few days ago Google launched it’s own version of [...]

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PhotoTalk: It wasn’t all glamorous


Before social media, people were forced to sit around un-air-conditioned homes in uncomfortable dresses next to folding tables and pretend to be social.  And they didn’t care what they looked like in photos, because they knew they would never be tagged. It was a painful time in our history.

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PhotoTalk: Way to lie parents. Way to lie.


Do you remember when you found out your cool Fisher-Price camera wasn’t actually taking REAL PHOTOS? And how your parents laughed and laughed when you asked them to get the film developed for you? Billy does. And he is still pissed.

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PhotoTalk: Thru clenched teeth.


  “I swear to goodness, if you keep tweeting links to buy your social media book I am going to stop following you.”

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