Vintage Humor

AdTalk: So Sexy. So relaxed.

  Say it with me people. SEXY EXERCISE. Looks like Mr. Hunky-Hairy-Chest-Sits-Provocatively-In-Chairs is about to get some sexy exercise real soon from Ms. Hug –from-Beyond.

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AdTalk: Oh the suffering.


Being happy is hard for Annie. And there is nothing worse than being trapped in a happy marriage. Especially when your drinks match your table cloth and your hair scarf. It’s a living hell.

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This could totally happen.


I have a love hate relationship with infographics. Because I am a highly visual person- I love to SEE statistics come to life. But sometimes, when I see about 9 MILLION A DAY I start to think- WHEN WILL THIS END? And when I asked Jack to do his homework after school he replied “How [...]

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Adtalk: I don’t feel so smart.


Yes, but to smart girls know that all the aqua net, and crimping and curling and teasing and basically destroying your hair is gonna take its toll 20 years later? DO they? I am guessing no. Not that I would know of course : )

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Yeah. I know you thought this before too….

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Isn’t that Skippy from Family Ties?


  I will not tell you that I had those earrings. I had that hair. I wore gloves with jewelry over them. I owned an attache’ case  and I will not tell you that I may or may not have dated a artsy guy who wore that shirt. “Bags of Color! But not in the [...]

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AdTalk: Subtle but effective.


“Oh why yes. It is new. Just a little something I picked up today. Thought you could keep the credit card receipt to remind you of our anniversary next year. Guessing you won’t forget again.”

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Damn. Those red-heads.


“See? You got me a ridiculously lavish and expensive gift that I only practically told you I wanted for the last three months while I made myself unavailable in the bedroom barely mentioned once. Now that wasn’t so hard was it darling?” Happy Valentines Day. You know-If that means anything to you. Which reminds me [...]

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How I know prayer works.


It’s like I always say “for a little pep and vigor, grab a donut kids!”

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