Digital Frame1-daddy 023The husband has been suffering from a severe case of kidney stones and has been in and out of hospital. He was sent home on ‘pain management’ which included ginormous amounts of Vicodin and Percocet. And because my husband is a super human- he has managed to still show up for work most of the week as well.(sure that made for some interesting board meetings…) The upside to all of this (lets get back to ME okay?) is that The Husband has been really really nice this week. Not that he is ever mean, but he does have a huge amount of stress and worry (work, economy, food, shelter etc) and it has really been effecting his demeanor lately. SO this little week was a drug-induced stress  vacation of sorts. He was stress free. Pain free. And really very grateful for my nursing skills (I have mad skillz yo). My favorite moment? When he suggested we make our ‘Bucket Lists’ together while sitting in the hospital listening to the guy in the next bed cough up a lung. Maybe not your idea of romantic….but for me, it was perfect.  Today he is scheduled for a surgery/procedure to zap those pesky kidney stones. He is nervous (never even been admitted to a hospital until this week) but brave. He keeps joking about his life insurance policies and how happy I will be if he dies (what you don’t joke about death in your house?)….and we laugh about it. But I adore him. And I can tell he adores me too. I can’t wait till these stone are gone and we can start working on checking things off our bucket lists together.

(Photo Note: Yup that’s me and The Husband. Taken at our SECOND wedding reception. We had two. In two different states. Cuz we were really happy about getting married. And we both love an open bar.)

Make a difference today.

One the the largest and best run temporary homes for wards of the State in California is Orangewood, (here in Orange County). Orangewood takes in children when their parents are unable to care for them either due to incarceration, death, abuse or neglect. These children are welcomed with open hearts during the most difficult time [...]

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Family Field Trip: Mission San Juan Capistrano

Only 31 miles from my home is one of the oldest buildings in California. This mission was founded in 1776 by Father Junipero Serra. Father Serra is well know figure in early Californian history. Every 4th grader learns all about Father Serra and the history and purpose of his California Missions up and down our [...]

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The REAL Housewives of the OC? We raise pigs. Awesome.

  For those of you doubters who think my tongue and cheek expression that I live a truly ‘glamorous’ life is not accurate, I now have a perfect example of just how unglamorous it really can be. We live in ‘The OC’, the heart of superficial, SUV driving, Juicy Couture wearing, Botox injecting kind of [...]

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Family Field Trip: Watson’s Drug Store

  Watson’s has been right where it stands for over 100 years. It is still a working drug store with a pharmacy as well as a wonderful diner. Offering a wide aray of long forgotten sodas and shake combinations. My grandparents came to Watson’s, my parents came to Watson’s and today I took my boys [...]

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You had me at hello…Perfectly Disney.

     As most of you know by now, I am somewhat of a Disneyland freak. (remember this? Or the Disney Virgins?) Not to the point that I would wear my Tinker Bell shirt to a job interview…but pretty much a life long fan. Which is actually hard to maintain after growing up in Orange County. [...]

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A Newport Beach Sunday…

  In case you are wondering, when I asked my boys to go over by the wall so I could take a pic…they walked straight over and posed themself like this. Both with this psuedo model seriousness……..which means only one of two things; either they have a secret subscription to GQ and have been practicing [...]

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What I saw….

  I went to my ‘happy place’ today (Downtown Orange Circle). And I saw (go clockwise k?) An alley with an unphotographic shadow. Foghorn Leghorn on a glass that was once a jelly jar. Minnie was there too- but I see her all the time. A time travel barbershop, complete with the red/white spinning pole [...]

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