Why is Steve Perry’s neck as wide as his head?

And the tank top dude…what ya looking at?

I am thinking Mr. five finger there in front is flashing some kind of gang sign to his fellow perm brothers.

Aside from all that, lets absorb this ad in all its two-page spread glory: this a Journey Video Game. Which had to have been all kinds of lame awesome.

“You’re the only player who can help Journey make it to their scarab escape vehicle. Only you can outsmart the promoters, avoid the photographers and fight off the love-crazed groupies. IF YOU CAN HANDLE IT!”

Bwhaaa haaaaa.

Oh 80’s Journey.

Don’t stop believing.

AdTalk: So Sexy. So relaxed.

  Say it with me people. SEXY EXERCISE. Looks like Mr. Hunky-Hairy-Chest-Sits-Provocatively-In-Chairs is about to get some sexy exercise real soon from Ms. Hug –from-Beyond.

Oh you gotta read the rest….

How I know prayer works.


It’s like I always say “for a little pep and vigor, grab a donut kids!”

Oh you gotta read the rest….

AdTalk: Special outfits for special people


Well looky here- it’s an ad for a Fishin Suit. Not to be confused with a FISH-ING suit, which is a totally different thing. Cuz this-a-here is a genuine FISHIN suit, which is more casual and fun and includes solid metal O rings. It’s available in a rainbow of colors for both men and women [...]

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Yeah. This was me.


Let’s pause this high-tech life to travel back to 1994 shall we? This ad is particularly precious to me because I had that Motorola flip phone AND the Uniden 30 message pager (in blue!). In 1994 I imagine some of the really important 30 messages from one of my ‘friends’ in the blue pager might [...]

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{AdTalk} I blame this ad for America’s weight problem. Okay not really. But I do blame it for the over use of Mascara in the 70s.

It has been a while since we have heard from the genius advertising creatives Bob & Mike. You might recall them from this ad or this one. Let’s listen in to this brainstorm conversation for their new client, The Sugar Council from 1971….. Bob: This damn diet craze is killing us Mike! Mike: I know, [...]

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Being your wife is a mild form of torture. Basically.


The copy says…“Making beds, getting meals, acting as family chauffeur — having to do the same dull, tiresome work day after day — is a mild form of torture. These boring yet necessary tasks can bring on nervous tension, fatigue and what is now known as "housewife headache."’ Actually I don’t think it is boredom [...]

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AdTalk: White Owl Miniatures


Help me out here, I am confused; If she was a man she would smoke White Owl. And well she is not only smoking one, but she is even wearing one…. so does that mean this is a man? If so- he is HAWT. Just sayin. Oh and if the styling looks a little familiar- [...]

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AdTalk: And it smells like BABY POWDER. Just sayin.


It needs to be said. I don’t want to be the one to say it, but it has to be done. It can no longer be avoided; That has to be the most phallic bottle of innocence ever created. And- um, hello creepy. Lollipop, hiked up little girl dress? Oh yeah- nothing wrong with this [...]

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