Why is Steve Perry’s neck as wide as his head?

And the tank top dude…what ya looking at?

I am thinking Mr. five finger there in front is flashing some kind of gang sign to his fellow perm brothers.

Aside from all that, lets absorb this ad in all its two-page spread glory: this a Journey Video Game. Which had to have been all kinds of lame awesome.

“You’re the only player who can help Journey make it to their scarab escape vehicle. Only you can outsmart the promoters, avoid the photographers and fight off the love-crazed groupies. IF YOU CAN HANDLE IT!”

Bwhaaa haaaaa.

Oh 80’s Journey.

Don’t stop believing.

AdTalk: So Sexy. So relaxed.

  Say it with me people. SEXY EXERCISE. Looks like Mr. Hunky-Hairy-Chest-Sits-Provocatively-In-Chairs is about to get some sexy exercise real soon from Ms. Hug –from-Beyond.

Oh you gotta read the rest….

Isn’t that Skippy from Family Ties?


  I will not tell you that I had those earrings. I had that hair. I wore gloves with jewelry over them. I owned an attache’ case  and I will not tell you that I may or may not have dated a artsy guy who wore that shirt. “Bags of Color! But not in the [...]

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How I know prayer works.


It’s like I always say “for a little pep and vigor, grab a donut kids!”

Oh you gotta read the rest….

Yeah. This was me.


Let’s pause this high-tech life to travel back to 1994 shall we? This ad is particularly precious to me because I had that Motorola flip phone AND the Uniden 30 message pager (in blue!). In 1994 I imagine some of the really important 30 messages from one of my ‘friends’ in the blue pager might [...]

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AdTalk: That’s fun.


I am wondering just how completely mortified and damaged Billy and Cindy were to have to walk out from their dressing rooms in UNDERWEAR and stand this awkwardly close together to be photographed. And I am also wondering WHERE can I GET me SOME OF THESE? How killer would it be to rock a full [...]

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AdTalk: She always matched her dress to her table runners.

Ever drive by a mobile home park and think- “Wow. At one point that was someone’s dream home.” No? Well it was. Before mobile home parks were known as natural-disaster-magnets, they were actually kinda cool. After all, not only was it better than apartment living, but it was MOBILE. So you could just pick’er up [...]

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Burn, baby, Burn…

Ad copy reads: ”Gives you a Luxurious Golden Health Tan….blocks out harmful burning rays, passes only tanning rays…. Be healthy, stay brown the year round”   Marsha thought every baby looked better with a little tan. Those other babies at the park looked so white and pasty. And those Miller twins with their sun bonnets on [...]

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